Each year our calendar is marked by 4 major annual events for members, families and friends. Times to get together, enjoy ourselves, solidify friendships and make new contacts.

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  • Barbecue State’s Style

    Barbecue State’s Style

    Its Summer The sun is shining and the barbecue’s warming up…  The third annual Barbie for the HUB proved to be as popular as ever and great fun. With loads to do and old friends to catch up with, everyone…

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Keeping up with the Arcadea Calendar

At Christmas we display a new member-made festive scene and party with presents and awards for the year’s achievements. May sees our inclusion in the Late Shows, a city-wide after-dark cultural venues’ event where we exhibit a bold project to the public.

Our Summer BBQ is always a hit with far too much food and outdoor fun.

Finally, Halloween–the most major event of the year. We create a terrifying environment with an annual macabre theme, wear flamboyant and frightening costumes and take part in ghoulish games, bwhahahahahaaa!

Past Event Fun