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Arcadea is a non-profit organisation that provides vital support to individuals in the North East, with a focus on promoting arts and culture and empowering learning-disabled artists to reach their full potential. Many of our group members are referred by social services at risk of isolation, unfulfillment and in some cases sadly, neglect.

By supporting Arcadea, you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these individuals and help foster a more inclusive and diverse artistic community. Your donation will creatively enrich the lives of our artists, building confidence, promoting well-being and helping them to create meaningful lives with like-minded peers in a safe and vibrant environment.


A good quality sketchpad and range of drawing pencils for a disabled artist


A supported trip to a local galley for a disabled artist


An artist-led printmaking workshop with support for a group of disabled adults

Projects by Arcadea

Through our initiatives, we have provided much-needed resources and opportunities for learning-disabled artists, and we are committed to continuing this important work. Your support can help us reach even more individuals and create a brighter future for the arts in the North East.

The Impact of Your Donation

Before I came to the Hub I used to stay in and watch the telly. Now I come here I’m dead busy, I’ve got to know loads of people and do so much stuff! I’m a good drawer and like drawing animals best, especially dolphins. I have made dolphins in silk paint, sewing and clay and going to print one next.”

HUB Member