Doesn’t Time Fly…

The Late Shows

Race and Cake

Doesn’t time fly…. after a brief break to catch our breath following all the excitement of Christmas and New Year, we were full of busy again getting ready for this years ‘Late Shows’. 

In case you don’t know the Late Shows take place annually over the middle weekend in May. Venues and arts organisations throughout Newcastle and Gateshead throw their doors open from 7pm to 11pm , thousands of people take part and its all free…

This year we revived our 70’s style HUB Cap Cafe (with a classic sic fi theme),  offering a free cuppa, a biscuit and a chance to see what we get up to at the HUB. About 700 people came through the HUB studios, as ever our giant Scalextric proved popular, as did the chance to indulge in a huge game of Space Invaders.

Sold Lots of Mugs and Merchandise
The Track
A Moments Peace

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