Oh The Horror

Busy day again, no time for the wicked or for hungry Zombies.

Yesterday (Monday) Jo, an artist/photographer, spent the afternoon with part of the group making a start on our Zombie movie for Halloween. It all begins peacefully enough, the story starts with a group of office workers settling down for a morning’s training, one of whom isn’t feeling very well…. at all…

The rest of us cracked on with the making and doing. In the morning we continued making ghosts and ghouls to decorate the space with.  Bill,  our support manager, who is a dab hand at this sort of thing, started work with some of the group on Frankenstein’s monster. The plan is that he’ll be so big he only just fit in the room. Should be fun to have your photo taken with at the Party.

Today (Tuesday 1 10 13) we continued with the movie, an all-female crew of Zombies prepared to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting group of office workers (see above). Lots of clamouring at doors and undead moans filled our space as Hazel, Doreen, Irene, Laura and Deborah did the Zombie stomp. Top fun was bloodying up the costumes and of course the make-up. 

Katrin (artist) was with us this afternoon and managed to get most of us focused on a neat little fish tank display we are making for the party. Lots of undead fish skeletons (which we are making with white cable zip ties) littered the table at home time (they’ve just the right amount of creepy to make them fun).

It is 10 to 5 and still no printer toner this is getting stressful.

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