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Hi and welcome to the Hub Studio’s new Blog.

Everyone is as noisy and boisterous as usual today, probably because we are all a bit excited at the moment as we are preparing for our Halloween party which this year will be at our Studio, although having worked really hard, by the end of the day everyone will be shattered.

Our artist Natalie and the group are busy making a very spooky life-size ‘Woman in Black’ which will be one of the decorations we use to spice the place up a bit on the night, more of that in the coming weeks.

We plan to make the place look like a decrepit Haunted Mansion’s Ballroom  – so there’s lots to do.

I’m patiently waiting for two toner cartridges to arrive so we can carry on printing, folding and stapling our Autumn newsletter, which has a brilliant picture of Alan as a Zombie on the front page. Our newsletter (The Hubble) usually looks good but everyone really likes this one.

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