C is for Cathedral: An Exhibition at Newcastle Cathedral

Over Summer 2022 our Hub Studio group made a number of visits to St Nicholas’s Cathedral to take inspiration from their amazing collection of art and architecture.

Showing until 13th April 2023 “C is for Cathedral” is our very own exhibition!

At the heart of the show, Richard Thomas has made a series of prints, of 26 objects, one for each letter of the alphabet. Richard has distinct graphic style consciously rounding sharp corners but squaring off arcs and circles. The series documents items unique to the cathedral as well as general religious individuals and architectural features. Choose your favourite, The prints are for sale for £15 via our email address.

The display also features “Angel” by Connor Younger, a drawing inspired by one of the Cathedral’s stained glass windows and a series of kneelers made in response to cushions used for comfort whilst praying. Hub textile artists have used tapestry techniques to depict items, people or places which they are thankful for including fish and chips, a Halloween costume and the TV programme Peaky Blinders!

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