The Great North Museum

Friday the 5th of October

The group were at the Great North Museum for the day, the museum of my childhood, with Natalie, Joan and Bill. What a place, stuffed with fantastic exhibits such as life-size elephants, and crocodiles. a Planetarium and a massive Aquarium. Around every corner, amazing bits and pieces just keep coming at you. We had our own study room, that had some fascinating objects on display, some dating back over 2,500 years.

As usual, the group started its Friday with a life drawing. The museum staff lent us a stuffed Fox, Rabbit, Badger and Owl to work with, I don’t think we ever had subjects stay so still.

In the afternoon we had a chance to study the Museum’s Egyptian relics, especially the Mummy, which we made a mini replica of for our Halloween party. We also managed to visit the Planetarium but the top of the list for most of the group was the Aquarium.

The day finished with the politest fire alarm I’ve ever heard, although we still had to stand in the rain until the fire brigade gave us the all-clear.

A big thank you to all of the staff for a lovely day.

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